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mon 3 mar 2014 18:00 
Composer: Anthony Holborne

In this hour, a new special CD with early music is featured. Instrumental dances by Anthony Holborne, on the new CD The Fruit of Love by the L’Achèron ensemble led by François Joubert-Caillet.

Anthony Holborne (ca.1545-1602)
1. The Fruit of Love
2. Galliard
3. Bona Speranza
4. Last Will and Testament
5. Hermoza
6. Muy Linda
7. Infernum
8. Galliard
9. Pavana Ploravit
10. Ecce quam Bonum
11. The Choice
12. The Teares of the Muses
13. The Funeralls
14. Almaine
15. Galliard
16. Paradizo
17. The Fairie-Round
Extra: 18. The Honey-Suckle
François Joubert-Caillet, discant gamba
Lucile Boulanger, alto gamba
Marion Martineau, tenor gamba
Andreas Linos, bass gamba
Sarah van Oudenhove, consort bass gamba
Miguel Henry, lute and cittern
Sofie Vanden Eynde, lute and bandora
Yoann Moulin, virginal and ottavina
Label number: Ricercar RIC 339, 2013