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Nuove Musiche

mon 17 oct 2016 18:00 

This hour features a new, special CD with early music. Two albums with instrumental music from the 17th century.


Tobias Hume (ca. 1569-1645)
1. Captaine Humes Galliard
2. The Pashion of Musicke: Sir Christopher Hattons Choice
3. Tickle, tickell
4. Alas Poore men

Les Basses Réunies conducted by. Bruno Cocset with Guido Balestracci, lyra viola
(CD Captain Tobias Hume. ALPHA 197)


Samuel Scheidt (1587-1654)
From Ludi Musici (1621):
5. Paduan (V) a 4
6. Courant (XIII) a 4
lacheron-scheidt-ludi-musici7. Galiard (VII) a 4
8. Canzon ad imitationem Bergamasca Anglica (XXVI) a 5
9. Paduan Dolorosa (IV) a 4
10. Courant (X) a 4
11. Courant Dolorosa (IX) a 4
12. Canzon super O Nachbar Roland (XXVIII) a 5

L‘Achéron conducted by François Joubert-Caillet
(CD Samuel Scheidt – Ludi Musici. Ricercar RIC 360)



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