Nuove Musiche

mon 30 jul 2018 18:00 

This hour features a new, special CD with early music. It’s the recent released CD ‘Sonate e canzoni’ with violin music of Carlo Farina played by the Swiss violin player Leila Schayegh.

-This is a rerun of the programme of Monday 30 April 2018.-

Steffan Nau (ca.1600-1647)
1. Fantasia Steffan Nau
Carlo Farina (ca.1604-1639)
2. Sonata Detta La Farina
3. Canzon Deatta La Marina
4. Viel Trawren In Meinen Hertzen (for viola da gamba)
Carlo Farina
5. Sonata Detta Desperata
6. Canzon Detta La Bolognesa
Pietro Paolo Melli (1579-na 1623)
7. Il Ciarlino Capricio Chromatico
Carlo Farina
8. Sonata Detta La Fiama
9. Fantasia Frantz
Carlo Farina
10. Sonata Detta La Franzosina

Michelangelo Rossi (c. 1601/1602–1656)
11. Toccata IV (for harpsichord)

Leila Schayegh, violin. Daniele Caminiti, lute. Jonathan Pesek, cello and gamba. Jörg Halubek, harpsichord and organ

(cd Carlo Farina – Sonate e canzoni, Pan Classics PC 10368, 2017)


Photo Leila Schayegh: Susanna Drescher


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