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This hour features new, special CDs with early music. Today 2 new CDs: ‘Two Lutes with Grace’ of lute players Marc Lewon and Paul Kieffer, and ‘Juan Esquivel – Missa Hortus conclusis’ of De Profundis conducted by Eamonn Dougan.

Anonymous (15th century)
1. J’ay pris amours (vocal version)
2. J’ay pris amours
3. J’ay pris amours

Gilles Binchois (ca 1400-1460)
4. Comme femme desconfortee (vocal version)

Alexander Agricola (1445/6 – 1506)
5. Comme femme desconfortee

Johannes Bedyngham (fl 1460)
6. Fortune alas

Anonymous (15th century)
7. Fortune alas

Walter Frye (+ <1475)
8. So ys emprentid

Joan Ambrosio Dalza (fl 1508)
9. Saltarello
10. Piva

Anonymous (15th century)
11. Mit ganzem willen (vocal version)
12. Mit ganzem willen

Marc Lewon and Paul Kieffer, lute. Grace Newcombe, soprano
(CD Two Lutes with Grace. Naxos 8.573854)

Rodrigo de Ceballos (ca 1530-1581)
13. Motet: Hortus Conclusis

Juan Esquivel (ca 1560-<1630)
14. From: Missa Hortis Conclusis:
– Kyrie
– Gloria

15. Alma redemptoris mater
16. Magnificat quinti toni

De Profundis conducted by Eamonn Dougan
(CD Juan Esquivel/Missa Hortus conclusis. Hyperion CDA 68326)

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