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thu 1 dec 2022 19:00 hrs

New CDs with Early Music. Today we focus on the CDs ‘Swithun! Demons and Miracles from Winchester around 1000’ by Dialogos conducted by Katarina Livljanic, and ‘Schmelzer – Violin Sonatas’ by Ars Antiqua Austria conducted by Gunar Letzbor.

Winchester, c. 1000:
1. Aelfeah adest, Ordbirhtus adest, Wulfsinus et Aelfric
Wulfstan of Winchester, Narratio metrica de sancto Swithuno

2. Regem regum Dominum
from: Winchester tropes: Two-part invitatory

3. Gloriosus vir sanctus Swithunus
from: Winchester tropics: Two-part responsorium

4. Quid post evigilans
Wulfstan narratio

5. Auxilium Domine
Alphabetic hymn in acrostic: De Sancto Swithuno

6. Ecce vir prudens Swithunus
from: Winchester tropes: Two-part responsorium

7. Talibus aegrotum
Wulfstan, narratio

8. Alleluia. Via lux veritas
From: Winchester tropes: sequence

Dialogos conducted by Katarina Livljanic
(CD Swithun! Demons and Miracles. Arcana A 491, 2021)


Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (ca.1623-1680)
From: Sonatae unarum fidium (Nuremberg, 1664)
9. Sonata 1 (Variazioni)
10. Baletto di Ninfe: Aria. Sarabanda
11. Ciacona in A major
12. From Sonata V: (…) piu Allegro, Adagio

Ars Antiqua Austria olv Gunar Letzbor, violin
(CD Schmelzer – Violin Sonatas. Panclassics PC 10436, 2022)

Produced by:
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