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thu 6 jun 2024 19:00 hrs

New CDs with Early Music. Two CDs with instrumental baroque music. The first is by Capella Jenensis, dedicated to the music life of 17th century Thuringia. The second CD is recorded by the Goldberg Baroque Ensemble, dedicated to concerts by English composer Thomas Augustine Arne.

In the 17th century, Germany was divided into a large number of principalities that enjoyed considerable autonomy, despite being under the authority of the Emperor in Vienna. Each of these principalities had its own court with a court chapel, creating ample employment opportunities for musicians. Since music played an important role in all areas of life, there was a significant production of both vocal and instrumental music.
Capella Jenensis recorded a CD with music by composers from Thuringia. Some of this music is available in printed form, but most of it has been passed down through manuscripts. An important and extensive collection is the so-called ‘Partiturbuch Ludwig’.

Johann Michael Nicolai (1629-1685) (attributed)
1. Sonata for two viole da gamba and bc in a

Adam Drese (1620-1701)
2. Sonata for violin, viola da gamba and bc in a

Andreas Oswald (1634-1665)
3. Sonata à 3 for two violins, viola da gamba and bc in G
Capella Jenensis
(cd: “Klingenden Thüringer Residenzen”, Rondeau ROP6255, 2023)

Thomas Augustine Arne studied law at Eton, but was already deeply involved in music at that time. He learned to play the recorder, violin and keys. He composed music, mostly for theatres. He became famous because of his song ‘Rule Britannia’ from his opera ‘Alfred’. That song is still being sung, for example during the ‘Last Night of the Proms’

Instrumental music plays a marginal role in his body of works. Some of his most well-known works are six concertos for keys – organ, harpsichord or fortepiano – and orchestra, clearly influenced by Handel. Polish organist Andrzej Mikołaj Szadejko recorded five of these concertos with the Goldberg Baroque Ensemble.

Thomas Augustine Arne (1710-1778)
4. Concerto for keys and orchestra no.1 in C
5. Concerto for keys and orchestra no.6 in B-flat
Andrzej Mikołaj Szadejko, organ. Goldberg Baroque Ensemble
(cd: “Thomas Augustine Arne – Organ Concertos (1751)”, MDG 902 2317-6, 2024)

Thomas Augustine Arne
6. From Concerto for keys and orchestra no.5 in g: Largo
Goldberg Baroque Ensemble conducted by Andrzej Mikołaj Szadejko
(cd: see 4,5)

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