Off the Beaten Track(s)

tue 26 aug 2008 16:00 
Composer: Dizzy Gillespie

Baritone saxophone player Cecil Payne (1922-2007). He originally played alto saxophone, but trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie persuaded him to turn to baritone, which fit Dizzy’s infamous bebop bigband better, in the late 40s. The leader himself provided the instrument, and Payne would play it for the rest of his life.

1.  Ow ! (D.Gillespie)
        Blue Bird 07863 66528-2
2.  Saucer eyes (R.Weston)
3.  Groovin’ high (D.Gillesepie)
4.  Yes, he’s gone ( J.Moskatel)
5.  Dexterity (Ch.Parker)
6.  I’m gonna learn your style (J.Moskatel)
7.  Like church (Cecil Payne)
8.  This time the dream’s on me (Arlen,Mercer)
9.  Chessman’s delight (R.Weston)
10. Arnetta (Cecil Payne)
11. How deep is the ocean (I.Berlin)
         Fresh Sound FSR 481
12. Stay on it (T.Dammeron)
         Blue Bird 07863 66528-2