Off the Beaten Track(s)

tue 21 oct 2008 23:00 
Composer: Miles Davis

Teddy Charles (1928) is an American pianisst, drummer and vibraphone player. He is a daring improvisator, especially on that latter instrument. He experimented with bass player Charles Mingus, but his most talked-about group was the Teddy Charles Tentet from the late 50s. Furthermore, he is seen as a tasteful composer and arranger. Charles, now 80 years old, is going to the Netherlands soon for concerts, in Leiden on 6 and 8 November, and at the Bim-huis on 7 November.

Title track 1: O’Brien’s A Fly’n  (Teddy Charles)                                                                                     
Title track 2: Nocturne (Teddy Charles)                    
Title track 3: Metalizing (Teddy Charles)                  
  CD ‘Teddy Charles – New Directions’
  Prestige/Fantasy OJCCD-1927-2.  
Title track 4: Margot (Teddy Charles)                         
  CD ‘Teddy Charles And The Westcoasters’ –
  Adventures In California
’; Fresh Sound FSR-CD 413.
Title track 5: Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez)                       
Title track 6: There’s No You  (Adair–Hopper)      
Title track 7: Easy Living (Rainger–Robin)            
  CD‘Miles Davis – Blue Moods’
  Debut/Fantasy OJC20 043-2.
Title track 8: The Emperor (Teddy Charles)                
Title track 9: Green Blues  (Teddy Charles)                    
From the CD ‘The Teddy Charles Tentet’; label
   Collectables Jazz Classics COL-CD-6161.       
Title track 10: Word From Bird  (Teddy Charles)        
  CD ‘The Complete Teddy Charles Tentet – Vibrations’;
   Fresh Sound Records FSR 2240