Off the Beaten Track(s)

tue 23 dec 2008 16:00 

Young Canadian reed player Quinsin Nachoff (1980). He is seen as one of the real innovators of recent years. He has already won various prizes for his performances and his compositions. He records with a small group, but also with strings.

Compositions & arrangements: Quinsin Nachoff
Performers: Quinsin Nachoff – reeds; John Taylor- piano; Ernst Reijseger – cello; Nathalie Bonin & Parmela Attariwa – violins.

– ‘Bogardus Place’                                                                                                                                     
– ‘Desert Landscape’                                                
– ‘A River Remembers Rain’                                  
– ‘Cartoon Scape’                                                    
– ‘Glacia Lake’                                                                                                             
– ‘African Skies’                                                        
CD ‘Quinsin Nachoff – Horizons Ensem
by Musictronic Productions’