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Off the Beaten Track(s)

tue 20 feb 2007 23:00 

Composer / pianist THOMAS TALBERT (1924-2005) made only a few records. He was the prototype of a “Third Stream” character who could never choose between composed music and jazz. His first attempt at a synthesis: the “Bix, Duke, Fats” LP from 1956, which was received very well everywhere at the time.

1. Thomas Talbert Orchestra:
>  “Clothes Line Ballet”                       (Fats Waller)                            
>  “In a Mist”                                       (Bix Beiderbecke)                     
>  “Bond Street”                                   (Fats Waller)                            
>  “Prelude to a Kiss”                          (Duke Ellington)                       
>  “Green Night and Orange
Bright”  (Thomas Talbert)                    
from the CD  Bix Duke Fats       Modern Concepts MC-0001
2. Tom Talbert Septet:
>  “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”   (Duke Ellington )                
>  “Strolling Home”                                 (Thomas Talbert)               
from the LP Things As They Are   See Breeze Jazz SB-2038
3. Thomas Talbert Orchestra:
>  “Black And Blue”                                                  (Fats Waller)        
>  “Candlelights”                                                      (Bix Beiderbecke)  
>  “Keepin’Out Of Mischief Now”                            (Fats Waller)           
>  “In The Dark”                                                        (Bix Beiderbecke) 
>  “Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me”/ “Ko-Ko”  (Duke Ellington)      
from the CD  Bix Duke Fats   Modern Concepts MC-0001
4. Tom Talbert Septet: Dangraddy Blue”   (Thomas Talbert)              
from the LP Things As They Are   See Breeze Jazz SB-2038