Off the Beaten Track(s)

tue 1 may 2007 16:00 

This time, a Dutch musician: writer of nonsense rhymes / voice artist Han Buhrs (1955) during a Bim-huis concert and with never before released solo material.

1. Han Buhrs, Ab Baars & Misha Mengelberg: 
Improvisations, recorded live at the Bimhuis on 30 December 2006.                                                                               2.Palinckx: 
Sobbing Couple ”  (Han Buhrs)        (1.25)
Debunk ”               (Han Buhrs)        (3.21)
from the CD Spam, Scores & Encores  VONK 10 
3. Han Buhrs: I Told You Not To ” (Han Buhrs)        (1.17)
Yet unreleased CD-master.
In de la” (Han Buhrs & Luc Houtkamp)        (1.38)
Fthang”  (Han Buhrs & Luc Houtkamp)        (2.21)
from the CD Birdsong from Inside the Egg  X-OR CD 019
4. Un Mec Une Porte: 
You Go”  (Han Buhrs & Olivier Bost)    (3.07)
Booting” (Han Buhrs & Olivier Bost)     (2.57)
Yet unreleased CD-master.
5. Han Buhrs:
Onderweg” (Han Buhrs)        (3.24)
Windstomp” (Han Buhrs)       (1.26)
Yet unreleased opnamen.