Off the Beaten Track(s)

tue 4 sep 2007 16:00 
Composer: Arve Henriksen

Focus on saxophone player Trygve Seim (1971) from Trondheim, Norway. His music was based on centuries old musical concepts from the Arctic regions. His CDs “Different Rivers” and “Sangam” caused a furore immediately, partly because of the special (low tone) instrumentation.

1. Trygve Seim: 
Sangam”                       (Trygve Seim)              
Beginning an Ending”  (Trygve Seim)            
Prayer”                         (Trygve Seim)               
from the CD Sangam      ECM 1797
2. Trygve Seim:
Himmelrand i Tidevand” (Trygve Seim)          
from the CD Sangam      ECM 1797
3. Trygve Seim:  
Search Silence” (Trygve Seim, Arve Henriksen,
Havard Lund, Nils Jansen, Hild Sofie Tafjord,
David Gald, Bernt Simen Lund
Between”(Trygve Seim)                                       
from the CD  Different Rivers   ECM 1744