Off the Beaten Track(s)

tue 23 oct 2007 23:00 
Composer: Victor Young

Gifted eccentric English pianist Mike Taylor lived for only a short time (1938-1969) and made only two records in his life. These have not been released until now.

  “Just A Blues”                    (Mike Taylor)            
  “While My Lady Sleeps”    (Kahn & Kaper)         
  “Two Autumns”                  (Mike Taylor)            
 “Guru”                                 (Mike Taylor)                                                         “Stella By Starlight”             (Victor Young)        
 “Arena”                                (Mike Taylor)         
       van de CD Trio; Universal 086 680 4.
 “Leeway”                               (Mike Taylor)       
 “Exactly Like You”                 (McHugh & Fields)  
  “Pendulum”                          (Mike Taylor)       
        from the CD Pendulum; Sunbeam SBRCD5034.