Off the Beaten Track(s)

tue 18 mar 2008 23:00 

At the start of his career, reed player / composer John LaPorta (1920-2004) already played in the famous ‘First Herd’ by Woody Herman, but also with saxophone player Charlie Parker and with pianist Lennie Tristano. He played the clarinet solo with the Herman band in Igor Stravinsky’s Ebony Concerto. Later, he was part of the so-called Third Stream, a movement composed between jazz and modern. Today, lesser known recordings of him, such as one with bass player Charles Mingus at the Newport Fetival in 1955.

Title track 1: ‘Non-Alcoholic’; composer John LaPorta                                                                                              
   Label and  number: Mosaic MD7-223
Title track 2: ‘Through These Portals’; comp. John LaPorta                                                                                  
   Label and number: Properbox 64, CD number P1354
Title track 3: ‘Body & Soul’; comp. Green/Sour/Heyman/Eyton
   Label and number: Savoy Jazz SVY 17189
Title track 4: ‘Four Hands’; composer John LaPorta                 
   Label and number: Fantasy OJCCD 1857-2
Title track 5: ‘Fluid Drive’; composer John LaPorta                
Title track 6: ‘Right Around Home’; “     “          “                      
Title track 7: ‘The Old Man’s Touch’;     “          “                    
Title track 8: ‘This Hectic Life’.                                                 
Title track 9: ‘Fringe Area’.                                                           
   Label and number: Debut DLP-10
Title track 10: ‘Harangue’.                                                           
Title track 11: ‘Don’t Blame Me’.                                                
Title track 12: ‘Two Party Campaign’.                                       
Title track 13: ‘All The Things You Are’.                                   
Title track 14: ‘Chance Acquantance’.                                          
   Label and number: Debut DEB-122
Title track 15: ‘Improvisation’                                                                                                                     
   Label and number: Library of Congress LWO 338345                                                                                              
Title track 16: ‘11th Variation (Nuage)’                                          
   Label and number: Fantasy FCD 24776-2