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On Cloud Nine

Profane music: dances, songs, instrumental. Recorder and virginal: British traditions with beloved instruments from the 16th century. Additionally, the unusual sounds of Eastern Europe: the cimbalom, and one of Vivalid’s virtuoso violin concertos.

Hugh Ashton (ca. 1485-1558)
1 Hugh Ashton’s maske

John Dowland (ca.1563-1626)
2 Captain Digorie Piper his galiard H.18

Thomas Ravencroft (ca.1588-1636)
3 Remember o Thou Man

4 Watkins Ale

Tobias Hume (ca.1569-1645)
5 My joys are comming / The Lady of Bedfords delighy

Anthony Holborne (ca.1545-1602)
6 From ‘Pavans, galliards, allmains and other short airs’ (1599):
– no. 23 Spero
– no. 64 As it fell on a holie eve

Giles Farnaby (ca.1563-1640)
7 For two virginals MB.24 FVB.45

Robert Johnson (1583-1633)
8 Alman

9 Almande guerre gay / Was no good king Salomon

Anthony Holborne
10 From ‘Pavans, galliards, allmains and other short airs’ (1599):
– no. 32 Galliard
– no. 58 Almaine The fruit of love
– no. 31 Pavane The funerals

Résonances Consort, recorder
(CD Renaissance English recorders, Paradizo PA0020, 2023)

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
11 Toccata for harpsichord L.422 in d minor
12 Sonata for harpsichord K.1 L.366 in g minor

Melchiorre Chiesa (1716-1783)
13 Piano sonata in G major:
-1. Allegro
-2. Largo ma non tanto
-3. Allegro

Agnes Szakály, cimbalom. Rósza Farkas, cimbalom. Márta Gál, harpsichord
(CD Music of 300 years on cimbalom, Hungaroton HCD 31571, 1995)

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
14 Concerto for violin and 2 string orchestras “in due cori”, RV 583 in B-flat major:
-1. Largo e spiccato, Allegro non molto
-2. Andante
-3. Allegro
15 From Concerto for violin and string orchestra RV 278 in e minor: 3. Allegro

Giuliano Carmignola, violin, Venice Baroque Orchestra conducted by Andrea Marcon
(cd Concerto Veneziano, Archiv 00289 474 5172, 2005)


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