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Opera in the 20th century

The history of the opera from 1900 until now. #26: 1925.

In 1925 opera was thriving. Just take a look at the long list of operas and operettas below. So we had to make choices, and we did! Leoš Janáçek twice, Franz Léhar, and with ‘Wozzeck’ by Austrian composer Alban Berg added, it appears to be a Central and Eastern European tête-à-tête today.

We will start, however, in Italian beauty with Riccardo Zandonai and his ‘I cavalieri di Ekebù’, of which the story was derived from ‘Gösta Berlings Saga’ by the Swedish writer and Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlöf, who we all know from the widely known children’s book ‘The wonderful adventures of Nils Holgersson’ from 1960.

In today’s episode we will play fragments of:

• Riccardo Zandonai- I cavalieri di Ekebù
• Maurice Ravel- L’enfant et les sortilèges
• Leoš Janáček- The Makropulos Affair (Věc Makropulos)
• Leoš Janáček- Šárka
• Franz Léhar- Paganini
• Alban Berg- Wozzeck


Other operas and operettas from 1925 are:

• Gustav Holst- At the Boar’s Head
• Ethyl Smyth- Entente Cordiale
• Reynaldo Hahn- Mozart
• Albert Roussel- La naissance de la lyre
• Gian Francesco Malipiero- L’orfeide
• Rudolf Friml- The Vagabond King
• Emmerich Kálmán- The Dutch Girl
• Henri Christiné- J’ adore ça
• Charles Wakefield Cadman- The Garden of Mystery
• Carl Breil- Der Asra
• Oscar Straus- Die Teresina
• Hans Gál- Das Lied der Nacht
• Henry Février- L’Ile désenchantée
• Jean Gilbert- Annemarie
• Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari- Gli amanti sposi
• Wilhelm Kienzl- Hassan der Schwärmer
• Manuel Penella- Paradise Lost
• Ruggero Leoncavallo- La maschera nuda
• Leon Jessel- Prinzessin Husch
• Reinhold Glière- Shakh-Senem
• Albert Szirmai- The Bamboula
• Albert Szirmai- Alexandra
• Arthur Honegger- Judith
• Arthur Honegger- L’Aiglon (samen met Jacques Ibert)
• Reynaldo Hahn- Mozart
• Geoffrey Toye- The red Penn





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