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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera: 1929

The year of the stock market crash, the first Oscar awards and the birth of Milan Kundera. It is quite busy in the world of opera. The political situation in Europe deteriorates, and having the right connections can make-or-break a composer’s career, ask Franz Schreker and Umberto Giordani.

The opera genre is really making its way in America and Deems Taylor finishes his latest production. Siegfried Wagner finally produces his last opera  and the cooperation of Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill seems a success with a lot of output. But nothing lasts forever. The political situation will affect them as well, but not until the 1930s. We will address that in episodes yet to come.

In this episode selections from:

• Franz Schreker- Christophorus
• Umberto Giordani- Il re
• Gian Francesco Malipiero- Il Torneo Notturno
• Ralph Vaughan Williams- The Poisened Kiss
• Deems Taylor- Peter Ibbetson
• Alois Hába- Matka

Other operas and operettas from 1929:

• Leon Jessel- Die Luxuskabine
• Rutland Boughton- The Ever Young
• Siegfried Wagner- Das Flüchlein, das Jeder mitbekam
• Jean Gilbert- Hotel Stadt Lemberg
• Walter Braunfels- Der gläserne Berg
• Robert O’Dwyer- Cleopatra
• Henri Février- La Femme nue
• Franz Léhar- Das Land des Lächelns
• Charles Cuvillier- Laïs ou La Courtisane amoureuse
• Charles Cuvillier- Boulard et ses filles
• Emil von Reznicek- Benzin
• Ernst Krenek- Leben des Orest
• Kurt Weill-Happy End
• Paul Hindemith/Bertold Brecht- Badener Lehrstück vom Einverständnis
• Paul Hindemith/Bertold Brecht/Kurt Weill- Der Ozeanflug
• Sergei Prokofiev- The Gambler (Игрок)
• Paul Hindemith- Neues vom Tage
• Heinrich Sutermeister- Romeo und Julia
• Paul Abraham- Szeretem a felségem
• José Serrano Simeón- Los claveles
• Bohuslav Martinů- Les Trois Souhaits ou Les vicissitudes de la vie
(Three Wishes or Inconstancy of Life)
• Walter Braunfels- Der gläserne Berg
• Walter Braunfels- Galathea
• Boris Lyatoshinsky- The Golden Ring



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