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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twenty-first century opera. 1930: The year in which Hergé wrote his first Tintin comic (‘Tintin in the Land of the Soviets’) and the first snack bar in the Netherlands opened its doors (in Eindhoven of all places), but also the year in which the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi party) made a forward leap in the elections winning 107 of 577 seats in the Reichstag which started a new period in their existence.

Lots of beautiful new productions in opera and operetta land, also by unknown composers. The Hungarian-American composer Paul Abraham surprised the world with his operetta ‘Viktoria und ihr Hussar’ and the Weill/Brecht duo presented their next opera (what am I saying: their two next operas!). Leoš Janácek’s latest opera ‘From the House of the Dead’, after the eponymous book by Dostoyevsky, posthumously premiered and Shostakovich took his first cautious steps in opera with his first opera ‘The Nose’, also after a Russian novel written by Nicolai Gogol in 1836.

Opera from 1900 until present day: 1930

In this episode fragments from:

• Alexander Spendiaryan- Almast
• José Serrano – La dolorosa
• Leoš Janáček- From the House of the Dead (Z mrtvého domu)
• Paul Abraham- Viktoria und ihr Husar
• Kurt Weill/Bertold Brecht- Der Jasager

Other opera and operettas from 1930:

• Kurt Weill/Bertold Brecht- Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny
• Arnold Schoenberg- Von heute auf morgen
• Dmitri Shostakovich- The Nose (Нос, ‘Nos’)
• Ernst Krenek- Leben des Orest
• Arthur Honegger- Les aventures du roi Pausole
• Emil von Reznicek- Spiel oder Ernst?
• Jacques Ibert- Le roi d’Yvetot
• Darius Milhaud- Christophe Colomb
• Franz Lehár-Schön ist die Welt
• Ildebrando Pizetti- Lo straniero
• Gustav Holst- The Wandering Scholar
• Rudolf Friml- Luana
• Jacinto Guerrero- La rosa del azafrán
• Jaromír Weinberger- Milovaný hlas (Die Geliebte Stimme)
• Manuel Penella- The pirandones
• Manuel penella- Queen ham
• Manuel Penella- I’m getting married at sea
• Manuel Penella- The gang
• Hans Pfitzner- Das Herz
• Will Meisel- Eine Freundin so goldig wie Du
• Georg Antheil- Transatlantic
• Emmerich Kálmán- Das Veilchen vom Montmartre
• Ernst Toch- Der Fächer
• Hans Krása- Verlobung in Traum
• Jakov Gotovac- Morana
• Henri Sauguet- La Contrebasse




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