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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twenty-first century opera. #1932: Japan occupies Shanghai. At the elections for state president Hitler got a lot of votes but was ultimately defeated by sitting president Von Hindenburg, although the nazi party NSDAP did became the largest party at the Reichstag elections with 230 seats (+123). Iraq became independent of the UK. In this year Umberto Eco and John Williams were born and Spanish composer Amadeo Vives died. In opera and operetta there were quite some productions and premieres, and some very beautiful ones too! In this episode we exclusively make room for the ‘zarzuela’, the Spanish version of opera and operetta.

In this episode selections from:
Federico Moreno Torroba- Luisa Fernanda (zarzuela)

Other operas and operettas from 1932:

Arnold Schoenberg- Moses und Aron
Pietro Mascagni- Pinotta
Paul Abraham- Pall in Savoy
Kurt Weill- Die Bürgschaft
Cirillo Villaverde- Cecilia Valdés
Alfred Reynolds- Derby Day
Erwinn Schullhoff- Flammen
Ottorino Respighi- Maria egiziaca
Henry Février- Sylvette
Eugen d’Albert- Mister Wu
Manuel Penella- Don Gil de Alcalá
Franz Schreker- Der Schmied von Gent
Charles Wakefield Cadman- The Willow Tree
Oscar Strauss- Eine Frau, die weiß, was sie will
Emile von Reznicek- Das Opfer
Franz Lehár- Der Fürst der Berge
Ralph Vaughan Williams- Riders to the Sea
Zoltán Kodály- Székelyfonó
Emmerich Kálmán- A Kiss in Spring
Jaromir Weinberger- Lidé z Pokerflatu
Arthur Benjamin- Prima Donna
Arthur Benjamin- Prima Donna
Hilding Rosenberg- Resa till Amerika (A journey to America)
Hugo Weisgall- Night



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