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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera: 1935 A.

1935, the year in which all ‘non-Aryan’ writers in Germany are barred from the writers union, which means they can no longer publish books or articles. Also, the Nuremberg Laws are decreed, prohibiting marriages and relationships between Jews and Aryans. Jews are banned from the civil service and Jewish doctors are no longer allowed to work in public hospitals. Many Jews are sent to prison or a concentration camp for relatively minor misdemeanors. The Church Conflict, started in 1933, continues, especially in the Roman Catholic Church. They refer to the ‘German Nazi religion’ as the ‘new heathenism’. The state in its turn, acts forcefully against any Catholic activity that could be considered political in stead of purely religious. Various Catholic organizations are forbidden.

In music and opera a lot of beautiful things can be discovered though. Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess sees the light of day, just as Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

In today’s episode we play selections from:

Kurt Weill- Der Kuhhandel
Georg Gershwin- Porgy & Bess
Jakov Gotovac – Ero s onoga svijeta (Ero the Joker)

Other operas and operettas from 1935:

Pietro Mascagni- Nerone
Richard Strauss- Die Schweigsame Frau
Gian Francesco Malipiero- Giulio Cesare
Bohuslav Martinů- Comedy on the Bridge (Veselohra na mostě)
Leevi Madetoja- Juha
Edmund Nick- Das kleine Hofkonzert
Alexander von Zemlinsky- Der König Kandaules
Reynaldo Hahn- Le marchand de Venise
Reynaldo Hahn- Malvina
Muslim Magomayev- Nargiz (Nərgiz)
Boris Papandopulo- Sunčanica
Paul Abraham- Viki
Walter Goetze- Schach der König
Oscar Strauss- Drei Walzer
Charles Cuvillier- Le Train de 8h47
Emil von Reznicek- Das goldene Kalb
Ildebrando Pizzetti- Orsèolo
Manuel Penella- The Unloved
George Lloyd- Iernin
Werner Egk- Die Zaubergeige
Douglas Moore- White Wings
Pablo Sorozábal-No me olvides
Pablo Sorozábal-La casa de las tres muchachas
Bohuslav Martinů- Hlas lesa (The Voice of the Forest)
Bohuslav Martinů- Veselohra na mostě (Comedy on the Bridge)
Kurt Weill- Der Weg der Verheissung
Reynaldo Hahn- Malvia
Emmanuel Bondeville- L’École des maris
Paul Abraham-Történnek még csodák
Paul Abraham- Dschainah, das Mädchen aus dem Tanzhaus
Nicolai Bretan- Eroii de la Rovine
Walter Braunfels- Verkündigung
Viktor Ullmann- Der Sturz des Antichrist
Douglas Moore- White Wings







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