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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 1942B.

1942, the year in which the Maastunnel was opened in Rotterdam. The Bomber Command division of the RAF gets the assignment to undermine the moral of the German population, and in particular the industrial workers, by carrying out massive aerial bombardments.

During the German conference in Paris, it is decided that all Jews in the Netherlands, Belgium and France will henceforth have to wear the yellow star. From the transit camp Westerbork in Drenthe the first transport leaves in the direction of Poland. Two hundred catholic Jews, which were unaffected by the persecution of Jews until then, are deported to the extermination camps as reprisal for the letter of the Dutch bishops. The German troops begin their attack on Stalingrad, the allied counteroffensive in North Africa begins and in December of that year, Enrico Fermi builds the first nuclear reactor with a controlled chain reaction.


In this episode fragments from:

Yevhen Stankovych- Olha (ballet) (Ольга)

Other opera and operette productions from 1942 are:

Reynaldo Hahn- Le oui des jeunes filles
Heinrich Sutermeister- Die Zauberinsel
Paul le Flem- Le Rossignol de Saint-Malo
Henri Sauguet- La Gageure Imprévue
Pablo Sorozábal- Black, el Payaso (zarzuela)
Gian Francesco Malipiero- I capricci di Callot
Dmitri Shostakovich- The gokkers (Игроки)
Nikolae Bretan- Arald
Richard Strauss- Capriccio
Heinz Hentschke- Hochzeitsnacht im Paradies
Gian Carlo Menotti- The Island God
Viktor Ullmann- Der zerbrochene Krug
William Grant Still- A Southern Interlude
Marcel Delannoy- Ginèvra


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