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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 1944A.


The war year in which Nijmegen and Tallinn are heavily damaged, the German army occupies Hungary, the Vesuvius erupts again, the Dutch torpedo boat Arend is lost, after it hit a mine. The Americans start their bombardment on Japan, Von Stauffenberg  commits a failed assassination attempt on Hitler, Anne Frank and her family members and roommate are arrested, Paris, Antwerp and Brussels are liberated again, as is Maastricht as the first Dutch city and later that year Eindhoven and Breda as well. From camp Westerbork leaves the last transport towards Bergen Belsen. The Battle for Arnhem is lost by the allies. It is very quiet in opera land. But there are, however, rays of hope, also musically.

In this episode fragments from:

Gian Carlo Menotti- Sebastian (ballet)
Richard Strauss- Die Liebe der Danae

Other opera and operette productions from 1944 are:

Harry Lawrence Freeman- Zululand
Jakov Gotovac- Kamenik
Rutland Boughton- Galahad


Produced by: