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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 1945A.


The year wherein Adolf Hitler retreats in his Führer bunker to control Nazi Germany from there and to hold his last radio speech; Russian troops liberate the largely abandoned concentration camp Auschwitz; beginning of the Conference of Yalta. Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt discuss the situation in Europe after the end of the Second World War; Adolf Hitler gives the command to destruction of all public works and facilities in Germany where the advancing allies could make use of: the so-called Nero command; Doetinchem, Zutphen, Meppel, Ede, Nijkerk and Deventer are liberated by the Canadians, Enschede by the English; In his bunker in Berlin, Adolf Hitler admits to his generals that the War is lost. In doing so, he also outsources all military command; American troops liberate the concentration camp Dachau; Joseph Goebbels commits suicide and Berlin surrenders; weekly magazine Elsevier appears for the first time in October; the Netherlands accepts the Charter of the UN; The Process of Nuremberg begins by the end of November.


In this episode fragments from:

• Henri Sauguet- Les Forains (ballet)
• Igor Stravinsky- The Firebird 1945 edition (ballet suite)

Other opera and operette productions from 1945 are:

• Werner Egk- Circe
• Hilding Rosenberg- The Isle of Bliss (Lycksalighetens ö)
• Emmerich Kálmán- Marinka
• Benjamin Britten- Peter Grimes
• Sergei Prokofiev- Oorlog en vrede (Война и мир, Voyna i mir)
• Ernst Krenek- What Price Confidence?
• Louis Gruenberg- Volpone
• Rutland Boughton- Avalon
• Pablo Sorozábal- La eterna canción
• André Mathieu- Scènes de ballet
• Nicolae Bretan- A Különös Széder-est
• Paul Dessau- Die Reisen des Glücksgotts
• Werner Egk- Circe


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