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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera.

It is the turbulent year 1950 and the Netherlands receive 30,646 kilograms of gold as a means of compensation for the damage suffered by Germany in WOII. In a prison in Scheveningen traitor and spy Anton van der Waals is executed. With a small army of mainly Moluccans Dutch captain Westerling tries to take over the military headquarters of Jakarta in Indonesia but fails. And last but not least in Eindhoven the very first DAF factory opens for business.


In this episode we hear fragments of:

Nino Rota- I due timidi·

Ādolfs Skulte- Sakta of Freedom (ballet part2)·

Ādolfs Skulte- The Brooch of Freedom


Other opera-  and light opera productions of 1950 are:

  • Albert Willemetz- Annie du Far-West
  • Nino Rota- I due timidi
  • Emmet Krenek- Tarquin
  • Norman dello Joio- The Triumph of St. Joan
  • Tikhon Khrennikov- Brother-in-Law without Kindred
  • Heinrich Sutermeister- Fingerhütchen (ballet)
  • Heinrich Sutermeister- Die Füsse im Feuer (ballet)
  • Arthur Benjamin- A Tale of Two Cities
  • Pablo Sorozábal- Entre Sevilla y Triana
  • Walter Goetze- Liebe im Dreiklang
  • Oscar Straus- Ihr erster Walzer
  • Ildebrando Pizetti- Ifigenia
  • Franco Alfano- Vesuvius
  • Jack Beeson- Jonah
  • Hans Werner Henze- Die Gefangenen
  • Hugo Weisgall- The Tenor



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