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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 1961B

1964, it was a bit of a cheerless year both socially and musically. But not for Mieczysław Weinberg, because both his 6th piano sonata as well as his 2nd symphony premiered that year. And what about Malcolm Williamson whom you were able to listen to in our previous broadcast. His Sinfonia Concertante and his 3rd piano concerto premiered that year. And as for the land of opera, let’s just say it was neither one thing nor the other. Nothing special but at the same time a bit special. Take for example the premiere of the biblical parable Curlew River by Benjamin Britten and, possibly even more fascinating, the first and only opera by Roger Sessions Montezuma. And what about a make-over by Pablo Sorozábal of the opera Pepita Jimenez by Iaac Albéniz from 1895. Perhaps we should just have a listen.

In this episode excerpts of:

  • Bohuslav Martinů- Alexandre Bis
  • Alberto Ginastera- Don Rodrigo
  • Benjamin Britten-Curlew River


Other opera and operetta productions of 1964:

  • Malcolm Williamson- English Eccentrics
  • Nevit Kodali- Gilgamesh
  • Gian Carlo Menotti- Martin’s Lie
  • Yang Ming and Jiang Chunyang- 江姐 (sister Jiang)
  • Margaret Sutherland- The Young Kabbarli
  • Roger Sessions- Montezuma
  • Pablo Sorozábal-Pepita Jiménez
  • Chinese Collective- Red Detachment of Women (ballet)
  • Heinrich Sutermeister- Das Gespenst von Canterville
  • Arthur Benjamin- Tartuffe
  • Dominick Argento- The Masque of Angels
  • Hans Werner Henze -Der Frieden
  • Gottfried von Einem- Der Zerrissene
  • Humphrey_Searle- The Photo of the Colonel
  • Heorhiy Maiboroda- Taras Shevchenko
  • Lee Hoiby- Natalia Petrovna
  • Marc Blitzstein- Idiots First (Tales of Malamud)
  • Robert Ward- The Lady from Colorado
  • Richard Bennett- The Midnight Thief
  • Dominick Argento- The Maque of Angels
  • Harry Somers- Twelve Miniatures
  • Nicholas Maw- Onemanshow
  • Thomas Pasatieri- The Tryting Place
  • Thomas Pasatieri- Flowers of Ice
  • Boris Blacher- Zwischenfälle bei einer Notlandung
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