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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 1968B.

1968, it was business as usual in the world of classical music. The avant-garde is beginning to take shape, the Russian composers are just doing their own thing and all things combined this creates an eclectic mix of styles.

In the instrumental section we will hear three new performances, such as the first performance of String Quartet No. 3 by Boris Tsjaikovski, on November 18th the first performance of Livre pour orchestre by Witold Lutosławski and on December 8th the first performance of Symphony no. 10 by Mieczysław Weinberg. This last composer had a productive year, because his first opera ‘The Passenger’ also premiered. This opera is still referenced to by many in present-day opera. Will you join in and listen?


In this episode excerpts of:

•               Benjamin Britten- The Prodigal Son

•               Luigi Dallapiccola- Ulisse

•               Francisco Escudero- Zigor


Other opera and operetta productions of 1967:

•               Gian Carlo Menotti- Help, help, the Globolinks

•               Astor Piazolla- Maria de Buenos Aires

•               Mieczysław Weinberg- The passenger (Пассажирка)

•               Ulysses Kay- The Boor

•               Hugo Weisgall- Nine Rivers from Jordan

•               Franz Berwald- The Queen of Golconda (Drottningen av Golconda)

•               Hans Werner Henze- Moralities

•               Gordon Crosse- The Demon of Adachigahara

•               Gordon Crosse- The Grace of Todd

•               Carl Orff- Prometheus

•               Humphrey Searle- Hamlet

•               Prenkë Jakova- Gjergj Kastrioti-Skënderbeu

•               Virgil Thomson- Lord Byron•               Ned Rorem- Bertha

•               Phyllis Tate- Twice in a Blue Moon

•               Dmitry Kabalevsky- Colas Breugnon

•               Eduard Tubin- Barbara von Tisenhusen

•               Harrison Birtwistle- Punch and Judy

•               Malcolm Williamson- The Growing Castle

•               Richard Bennett- All the King’s Men

•               Iain Hamilton- Pharselia

•               Iain Hamilton- The Royal Hunt of the Sun

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