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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 1970A.

1970, not an extraordinary year in the land of opera. The number of productions was low and the quality varied. But each were special in their own way. By the way, this was also the year in which Witold Lutosławski’s cello concerto premiered, as well as Kosmogonia by Krzysztof Penderecki and the violin concerto by Boris Tchaikovski (no relation).

In this episode excerpts of:

  • Carlisle Floyd- Of Mice and Men
  • Darius Milhaud- Saint Louis, roi de France
  • Michael Tippett- The Knot Garden


Other opera and operetta productions from 1970:

  • Henri Pousseur- Crosses of Crossed colors
  • Aziz El-Shawan- Anas el-Wugood (first opera in arabic)
  • Krzystof Meyer- Cyberiade
  • Ahmed Adnan Saygun- Gilgamesh
  • Mieczysław Weinberg- The Madonna and the Soldier (Мадонна и солдат)
  • Nicholas Maw- The Rising of the Moon
  • Ernst Krenek- Sardakai
  • Udo Zimmermann- Die Zweite Entcheidung
  • Hilding Rosenberg- Hus med dubbel ingång
  • Boris Lyatoshinsky- The Commander
  • Boris Lyatoshinsky- The Golden Ring (revised version)
  • Einojuhani Rautavaara- Apollo contra Marsyas
  • Renzo Rossellini- L’Annonce faite à Marie
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