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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 1974B.

1974: the year in which the piece ‘The Awakening of Jacob’ van Krzysztof Penderecki premiered. But a lot more happened that year. The most spectacular, that is if you compare them to traditional operas, productions saw the light of day. From the serialist opera full-wing to Salvator Dalí’s ‘To Be God’ aided by the French avant-garde composer Igor Wakhévitch. Or even crazier: the predecessor to rock opera, a soulful opera by David Porter. 1974 was also the year in which Dutch offshore radio stations Veronica and Noordzee, had to stop broadcasting, while these meant a lot for the growth of diverse rock and pop music.

In this episode excerpts of:

  • Igor Wakhévitch and Salvador Dalí  – Etre dieu  (To be God)
  • Paul Dessau- Einstein
  • Donald Martino- Paradiso Choruses


Other opera and operetta productions from 1974:

  • Igor Wakhévitch and Salvador Dalí  – Etre dieu  (To be God)
  • Donald Martino- Paradiso Choruses
  • Thomas Pasatieri- Signor Deluso
  • Thomas Pasatieri- The Seagull
  • William Grant Still- A Bayou Legend
  • Hans Werner Henze-  La Cubana, oder Ein Leben für die Kunst
  • Gordon Crosse-  The Story of Vasco
  • Aulis Sallinen- The Horseman


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