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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 1975A.

1975 was, in every aspect, a special year. There is a large diversity in operas just as there is a large amount of different cultures interwoven into them. Opera clearly isn’t a European phenomenon anymore but has found its way into all cultures, which results in special works.

Other opera and operetta productions from 1975:

  • Werner Egk – Irische Legende
  • Yuliy Meitus-  Ріхард Зорге
  • Conrad Suza- Black River
  • Stephen Oliver-Tom Jones
  • Ikuma Dan – Chanchiki
  • Luigi Nono-  Al gran sole carico d’amore
  • John Rutter- Bang!
  • Jack Beeson-  Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines
  • Aulis Sallinen – Ratsumies
  • Viktor Ullmann-  Der Kaiser von Atlantis oder Die Tod-Verweigerung
  • Mieczysław Weinberg – Lady Magnesia (Леди Магнезия)
  • Joonas Kokkonen-  Viimeiset kiusaukset
  • Mieczysław Weinberg – Congratulations (Поздравляем!)
  • Minoru Miki-  Shunkinshō (春琴抄)
  • Gilselher Klebe- ein wahrer Held
  • Heorhiy Maiboroda – Yaroslav Mud
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