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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 1983B.

1983: Modernism and serialism are there to stay. What nobody ever dared to believe happens: everybody does as they please. Conventions are thrown overboard, music theory is for uncreative people, and new-to-opera elements are introduced as if they have always been there. This episode features two composers, both of whom left their personal mark on the post-war opera landscape.

In this episode fragments of:

  • Per Nørgård- Siddharta
  • Mieczysław Weinberg- The portrait (Портрет)


Other opera and operetta productions from 1983:

  • Karlheinz Stockhausen- Samstag aus Licht
  • Hans Werner Henze- The English Cat
  • Giselher Klebe-  Die Fastnachtsbeichte
  • Leonard Bernstein- A Quiet Place
  • Olivier Messiaen- Saint François d’Assise
  • Thomas Pasatieri-  Maria Elena
  • Tikhon Khrennikov-  Dorothea
  • Yuliy Meitus-  Иван Грозный
  • Minoru Miki-  うたよみざる (Utayomizaru – The Monkey Poet)
  • Stephen Oliver-Blondel
  • Iain Hamilton-  Lancelot
  • Vladimir Kobekin- Pugachev (Пугачев)
  • Philippe Boesmans- La Passion de Gilles
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