Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 1985A.

1985: It was very busy in 1985. In the world of classical music, there were many premieres among others works of Lutoslawski, Johan Kvandal, William Bolcom and Kalevi Ahoin.

Also with operas, we make a lot of progress. New productions and modernism too are beginning to take shape, be it with diversity as a central theme. But there is also a longing for the past, rendered by Russian composers. We are ready…

In this episode fragments of:

  • Judith Weir (foto) – The Consolations of Scholarship
  • Salvador Dalí- Être Dieu
  • Mieczyslaw Weinberg- Der Idiot (Идиот)

Other opera and operetta productions from 1985: 

  • Judith Weir- The Black Spider
  • Dominick Argento- Casanova’s Homecoming
  • Frederick Douglass- Dorothy Rudd Moore
  • Frederick Douglass- Ulyssis Kay
  • Wilfred Hiller- Der Goggolori
  • Thea Musgrave- Harriet, the Woman Called Moses
  • Lorenzo Ferrerro- Mare Nostro
  • Luigi Nono- Prometeo
  • Einojuhani Rautavaara- Thomas
  • Minoru Miki- Jōruri (じょうるり)
  • Lennox Berkeley- Falcon Park
  • Alexander Goehr- Behold the Sun
  • Oliver Knussen- Higglety Pigglety Pop!
  • Salvatore Sciarrino- La perfezione di uno spirito sottile
  • Lorenzo Ferreo- Night
  • Robert Moran- The Juniper Tree


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