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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera. 2000A

2000: It’s the start of a new millennium and everyone is excited. There is so much music to choose from from this year, that we had to make a selection and carry some songs over to 2001. Which we can, it’s a new millenium after all. We pull out all stops and visit all corners of the world. Modern life can be divided into all kinds of (self) expression and that gives surprising results.

In this episode fragments from:

  • Kaija Saariaho ( foto )- L’amour de loin
  • Carlisle Floyd- Cold Sassy Tree
  • Michael Nyman- Facing Goya


Other opera and operetta productions from 2000 are:

  • Jake Heggie- Dead Man Walking
  • Aribert Reimann- Bernarda Albaus Haus
  • Minoru Miki- Genji monogatari (The Tale of Genji)
  • Paul Ruders- The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Philip Glass- In the Penal Colony
  • Michael Berkeley- Jane Eyre
  • Aulis Sallinen- Kuningas Lear (King Lear)
  • Harrison Birtwistle- The Last Supper
  • Peter Maxwell Davies- Mr. Emmet Takes A Walk
  • John Adams- El Niño
  • Edward Barnes- The Old Man Who Loved Cheese
  • Tuomos Kantelinen- Paavo the Great. Great Race. Great Dream. (Paavo Suuri. Suuri juoksu. Suuri uni)
  • Mark-Anthony Turnage- The Silver Tassie
  • Webster A. Young- The Sun also Rises
  • Edwin Penhorwood- Too many Sopranos
  • Muriel Téodori- Welcome to the Voice
  • Michael Nyman- Facing Goya
  • Mark-Anthony Turnage- The Silver Tassie
  • John Corigliano- Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan
  • Azio Corghi- Tat’jana
  • Daron hagen- Light Fantansy
  • Aribert Reimann- Bernarda Albas Haus
  • Carlysle Floyd-Cold Sassy Tree
  • Harrison Birtwistle- The last Supper
  • Deborah Drattell-Marina Tsvetaeva


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