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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth (and twenty-first) century opera. 2011B.

2011: An interesting year, with quite some new first compositions and, therefore, new names. Music of the twenty-first century is becoming increasingly more important both in opera land and for individual productions. The level of abstraction is rising, although that does not apply to all composers.   

In this episode, fragments from:

  • Nico Muhly- Two Boys
  • Tarik O’Regan ( picture )- Heart of Darkness
  • Judith  Weir- Miss Fortune


More opera productions from 2011:

  • Mark-Anthony Turnage- Anna Nicole
  • Lei Lei- The Chinese Orphan
  • Damon Albarn- Dr. Dee
  • Huang Ruo- Dr. Sun Yat-sen (中山逸仙)
  • The Enchanted Island (pasticcio)
  • Gerald Barry- The Importance of being Earnest
  • Karl-Heinz Stockhausen- Engel Prozessionen (Sonntag aus Licht)
  • Oscar Bianchi- Thanks to my Eyes
  • Michael F. Williams- The Juniper Passion
  • Peter Maxwell Davies- Kommilitonen!
  • Keith Burstein- Manifest Destiny 2011
  • Jonathan Dove- Mansfield Park
  • Olli Kortekangas- One Night Stand
  • Victor Rasgado- Paso del Norte
  • Lorenzo Ferrero- Risorgimento!
  • Jukka Linkola- Rockland the Opera
  • Kevin Puts- Silent Night
  • Daniel Nelson- Stolthet och fördom
  • Gabriel Pareyon-Xochicuicatl cuecuechtli
  • Thomas Pasatieri- Two Martyrs
  • Kirke Mechem- The Rivals


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