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Opera in the 20th century

tue 22 sep 2020 17:00 

The history of twentieth (and twenty-first) century opera. 2013A.

Beautiful works, a lot of variation, and also new names from all continents. But, only a limited number of recordings. Today, operas from Russia and the US: two different continents, different composers and traditions, and two rather divergent operas.

In this episode fragments from:

  • Rodion Shchedrin- The left-handed
  • D J Sparr ( picture )- Approaching Ali


More opera and operetta productions from 2013:

Šimon Voseček- Biedermann und die Brandstifter

Terrence Blanchard- Champion

Tobias Picker-Dolores Claiborne

D.J. Cuomo- Doubt

David Bruce- The Firework-Maker’s Daughter

Eric Sawyer- The Garden of Martyrs

Iain Bell- A Harlot’s Progress

Theodore Morrison- Oscar

Philip Glass- The Perfect American

Gunnar Þórðarson- Ragnheiður

Nolan Gasser-The Secret Garden

Marcus Paus-The Teacher Who Was Not To Be

Robert Ashley- Crash

Daron Hagen- A Women in Morocco

Tarik O’Regan- The Wanton Sublime

Thomas Ades- Totentanz


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