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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth (and twenty-first) century opera. 2019A.

Today: two North American and one French production. These productions are all completely different and unique, for example Frankenstein and the Princess and the Pea of Anderson in a 21stcentury variant.


In this episode, fragments from:

Michael Gordon- Acquanetta
Gerard Pesson ( picture )- Trois contes
Mark Grey- Frankenstein


More opera and operetta productions from 2019:

Scott Davenport Richards- Blind Injustice

Joel Puckett- The Fix

Andrew Synnott- La cucina

Hans Abrahamsen- The Snow Queen

Iain Bell- Stonewall
Baudouin de Jaer- Ce quit vit en nous

Stuart MacRae & Louie Welsh- anthropocene

Pascal Dusapin- MacBeth Underworld

Hector Parra- Les Bienveillantes

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