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Organ music

A programme featuring old music played on authentic organs. Unknown organs from Groningen, part 23.

In the 23rd episode of Orgelwerk (organ music) featuring unknown organs from Groningen, you will be introduced for the second time to all but one of the most beautiful organs in Groningen, that is the Hinsz organ in Appingedam.
In a number of mounting episodes, attention will be given to this charming instrument.
This episode also features older recordings of the instrument.
Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch (1691-1765)
1. Aria "Voglio Vendetta Si"
2. Sonate in E
G. Ph. Telemann
3. Uit cantate "Hoffnung" Aria "Hoffe Nur"
J. S. Bach
4. Fuga in Bes BWV 955
Adolph Rots, organ. Jitske Steendam, soprano
Christian Friedrich Ruppe (1753-1826)
5. Lento, grave en Allegro
Johann Christoph Oley (1738-1789)
6. Der Tag is thin, mein Jesu bey mir bleibe
Piet Wiersma, organ
Christopher Gibbons (1615-1676)
7. Verse for the double organ
J.S. Bach
8. Fantasia con imitazione BWV 563
9. Liebster Jesu wir sind hier
Stef Tuinstra, organ
(Syncoop 5751 CD 114)
J.S. Bach
10. In dich hab ich gehoffet
Piet Wiersma, organ
Eurosound Es 47.405
11. Lobt Gott getrost mit Singen
Sietze de Vries, organ
Boeyenga BE 1100
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