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Organ work

mon 8 aug 2016 19:00 

A programme featuring early music played on authentic organs. Unknown organs from Groningen, part 30. On the way to Uithuizen, part 5.

In the 54th episode of Organ Work, two titular organists of the Martini church in Groningen. Leo van Doeselaar and Erwin Wiersinga.

You will hear recordings of concerts played in the Martinikerk by both these organ players.



Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
1. Concerto in G (after a concerto by Ernst von Sachsen-Weimar) BWV 592
2. Allabreve in D BWV 589
3. Canzona in d BWV 588
4. Fantasia in C BWV 570
5. Fuga in c BWV 574/574a (after a theme by Legrenzi)
6. Erbarm dich mein, Oh Herre Gott BWV 721
7. Fuga in b (after a theme by Corelli) BWV 579
Leo van Doeselaar, organ Martinikerk
(recording: Hans Beek, concert: 7 november 2015, Martini Churh Groningen)

Frans Tunder (1614-1667)
8. Herr Gott dich loben wir
Nicolaus Bruhns (1665-1697)
9. Preludium in e
Erwin Wiersinga, organ Martinikerk
(CD SMG-001)

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