Orient Express

sat 5 may 2007 07:02 

This year there is a lot of attention for the Turkish and Ottoman culture in the Netherlands. A good opportunity to take a look in the rich Ottoman classical music traditions.

Ottoman classical music blossomed in the 18th century. In this golden age Ottoman music developed its own sound. This period starts with composers like Buhurizade Itri (1640?-1711) en Hammamizade Ismail Dede Efendi (1778-1846). In this era sultans and princes were musicians or highly interested in music themselves (for example Sultan Selim III 1761-1808 and prince Dimitri Kandemir 1673 – 1723). The high standing of the Mevlevi Soefi Order, successors to mystical Djelal Eddin Roem í1207-1273 at the Ottoman court are also typical for that time. Music was central in this soefi order and the musicians have largely contributed to the Ottoman classical repertoire. Furthermore, the court of the sultan came into contact with talented musicians with different cultural backgrounds from countries that came under Ottoman rule (Greek, Armenian, Southeast European, Balkan and Arabic).
We will listen to two compositions of two important musicians from the 18th century, who played at the court of, among others, sultan Selim III Isak Tanburi and Hanende Zacharia.We will also listen to one of the most important Ottoman composers ever: Hammamizade Ismail Dede Efendi born in Istanbul 1778 and passed away in Mekka in 1864.
From the second half of the 19th century Ottoman music went through some changes. For example in the instruments. In stead of the European violin the Turkish kementsje was used more often. The santure was also almost completely replaced by the kanun. The music became faster and more popular. Of this period we will listen to music of the much-praised musician Cemil (Djemil) Tanburi Bey (1873-1918).
Hanende Zacharia 
various compositions executed by "En Chordias Music Ensemble" (a collaboration between Greek, Turkish and Iranian musicians) led by Kyriakos Kalaitzides, 63.00
The Pesjrev’e and Semaï of Djemil Tanmburi Bey executed by the ensemble of Kudsi Erguner (Istanbul 1991 ) 53.00