Oriënt Express

thu 4 apr 2013 21:00 
Composer: Traditional

Traditional classical music from China.

Liu Fang

  1. Songs from the other side of the border.
    Cd. Liu Fang, Chinese Pipa Music from the classical tradition. (2001). Philmultic PMPCD001-1.
  2. Three pieces on the cither Qin, by Dai Xiaolian.
    CD Chine, The art of the Qin Zither. (1992). Ethnic B 6765.
  3. Three pieces of chamber music from South China.
    CD Sizhu, Silk Bamboo. Pan Records. Pan 2030CD.
  4. The moon is high.
    CD Liu Fang, Chinese Traditional Pipa Music. (1997). Oliver Sudden. K10-009CD.