Orient Express

sat 4 may 2013 01:00 

A programme about Ravi Shankar: sitar player

In continuation of the night that we dedicated to sitar player Ravi Shankar, this time American recordings of this master. They have been released under the label EMI-Angel in 1968 and 1969.

  1. Raga Bairagi
  2. Nata Bhairavi
  3. Raga Marwa
    Series LPs: Ravi Shankar in New York. Ravi Shankar on sitar, Alla Rakha on tabla and Shyam But-Nagar on tamboura.
    EMI-Angel. 7243 5 67311 2 7 
  4. Dhun
    Series LPs: Ravi Shankar, Ragas & Talas. Alla Rakha on tabla.
    EMI-Angel/ 7243 5 67308 2 3