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thu 23 may 2013 21:00 

Classical music from North India.
Music of the Qawalli part 3 (of 3).

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  1. Qawal (Amir Khusro),executed by singer Jaffar Hussain Khan.
    CD The Voice of the Mystics, Qawwali by Jaffar Hussain Khan. (1992). AIM MC 001
  2. Qawal Bacche sung by Meraj Nizami Qawwal, together with Chand Nizami, Hasnen, Achmed, Sibtain.
    Cd. Makar MAKCD018
  3. In the name of God, I am opening this gathering; singer Jafar Hussayn Khan.
    CD Chant Qawwali de l’Inde du Nord. Jafar Hussayn Khan. (1993). Inédit. W260048