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sat 22 jun 2013 01:00 

Blue Lotus Festival part 1 (of 2)

In February this year the first edition of the Blue Lotus Festival took place in Pushkar. Pushkar is a historic town with hundreds of temples in the state Rajasthan. The special thing about this festival is the devotion to traditional music. So no fusion with rock, pop or jazz, but real Indian folk and soefi from different parts of India. In two parts we will play music from different artists who performed at the festival.

Photo: Charlie Crooijmans
Meetha Khan and Jan Mohammad Jat are the last representatives of the Waai, a soefie style that derives of the sacred Shah Abdul Latif Bihtai. 
Sahara Cellphones

  1. Manohar Brass Band. Pallo Latke (trad).
    Band Baja, Folk Tunes 
     By Brass Bands Of Rajasthan (2008) De Kulture Music
  2. Meetha Khan. Alha Ji Aash Kare (trad).
    Glimpse of Kutchi Music (2007). De Kulture Music (geen nr bekend)
  3. Sharif Idu. Baba Bulleh Shah. Beyond (2011). De Kulture Music
  4. Harikesh Singh. Laxman So Gambhir (trad). 
    The Tribal Rhapsodies. (2009) De Kulture Music
  5. Vela Dana Bheel. Nar Ochha Ho Ji Re (trad). 
    Kutch II (2007). De Kulture Music
  6. Bachu Khan. Dhola-Loomba (B. Khan).
    Unpublished. De Kulture Music
  7. Raza Khan. Uth Musafir. (R. Khan). 
    Unpublished. De Kulture Music.
  8. Roots of Pushkar. Jhino Jhino (trad).
    Gypsy Sounds of Rajasthan… (2010). Roots of Pushkar CD-ROP001

Part two with music of the gypsies from Rajasthan will be broadcasted on 27 June 2012 from 21:00 – 22:00h.