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wed 10 jul 2013 17:00 

Blue Lotus Festival, part 2 (of 2)

In February this year the first edition of the Blue Lotus Festival took place in Pushkar. Pushkar is a historic town with hundreds of temples in the state Rajasthan. The special thing about this festival is the devotion to traditional music. So no fusion with rock, pop or jazz, but real Indian folk and soefi from different parts of India. In two parts we will play music from different artists who performed at the festival.

The striking Mura Lala Fafal, 11th generation folk singer from the countryside of Marwada Meghals. Photo: Charlie Crooijmans

  1. Mohini Devi Kalbeliya. Angutho Neeshani (trad). Rajasthan (2006). De Kulture Music
  2. Dalbar Singh. Bolyian Begonar (trad). Boliyan (2013). De Kulture Music
  3. Balvinder Mast. Mera Sir Teri Talwar (trad.) B Mast (2011). De Kulture Music
  4. Murra Lala Fafal. Chalade Aye Rulaiyi (trad). Kutch (2007). De Kulture Music
  5. Bijal Khan. Jogi Aaya (trad). Sufi Kalam (2010). De Kulture Music
  6. Saleh Mohammed. Ratadli (trad). Rajasthan (2006). De Kulture Music
  7. Gurmej Raja. Mulla Band Kar (trad). Rabba Mereja (2011). De Kulture Music
  8. Nathu Solanki. Diggipuri Ka Raja (trad). Master Drummers of Rajasthan (2012). Roots of Pushkar ROP002
  9. Nathu Solanki. Vaari Jaun Sadguru (trad.). Master Drummers of Rajasthan (2012). Roots of Pushkar ROP002

Part 1 of the Blue Lotus Festival was broadcasted on Thursday 13 June 2013 and can be played back via ‘uitzending gemist’.