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sat 28 dec 2013 01:00 

Traditional classical music from Iraq.

Munir Bashir

  1. Lami, an improvisation on the music of Munir Bashir by Jamil al-Asari, ney and Muniryat, ud.
    Cd. Papyros MWCD 5009.
    Farida Mohammed Ali.jpeg
  2. Farida Mohammed Ali belongs to the top singers in the genre of the maqam, the modal classical music from Iraq.
    You hear her, together with her accompanists, first in the maqam Dasht, followed by the maqam Rasd.
    Cd. Snail, SR 66004.
  3. Taksim Baghdad, performed by Munir Bashir, ud; accompanied on kanun, ney, djoza, santur and Iraqi drum instruments.
    Cd. Le Chant du Monde, 274 1321.
  4. Maqam Rasd by Munir Bashir, ud.
    Cd. Inédit W260050.
    By courtesy of the Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam (Central Record Library Rotterdam)