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sat 20 jun 2015 01:00 hrs

Classical music from North India.


1. RAAG BIBHAS. A raga for the beginning of the day. Nowadays, this raga is rarely performed. The singer Shruti Sadolikar is accompanied by: Anand Krisna Kunte: sarango & Anindo Chatterjee: tabla.
Cd. Nimbus NI 5346. (24’46).
amjad_ ali_khan_with_sons.JPG
2. RAGA ANAND BHAIRAV. Just like the former, this is a raga for the beginning of a new day.

Amjad Ali Khan and both his sons, and Shafaat Achmed Khan: tabla.
Cd. Chhanda, Dhara, SNCD 70701. (33’43).
By courtesy of the Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam.



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