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Oriënt Express

sat 26 apr 2008 07:02 
Composer: Traditional

Classical music from China. WIth recordings of Wu Zhaoji en Li Xiangting on the guqin and Anna Guo on the qin.

CD Wumen Qin Music – Wu Zhaoji, Hugo HRP712-2 
1. Eighteen Tragic Parts of Barbarian Pipes – 
2. Wild Geese Descending on the Sandbank
3. Fishermen Song
4. Autumn Grievances beyond the great wall
5. Spring Sound
6. Innocent Seagulls
7. Memory Of An Old Friend
CD L’art Du Qin – Li Xiangting, Ocora C 560001
8. Meihua San Nong (Three variation on the theme of the plum-tree blossom)
9. Youlan (Lonely Orchid)
10. Ainai (Fisherman’s song)
11. Qiu Sai Yin (Forerunner of the Fall on the big wall)
12. Liushui (Ripling water)
13. Yi Guren (An old Friend)
CD Chinese Traditional Yang Qin Music – Anna Guo, Oliver Sudden K10-18CD
14. Sorrow of Lady Zhaojun
15. Flickering of the Candle Flame
16. Three-Six
17. Spring Arrives on the Qing River
18. New Opening
19. Dance of the Yi People