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fri 11 jul 2008 03:00 

The Iraqi Maqâm (3).

Today, we once more have a look in the fascinating world of the Iraqi classical vocals.
Last year, we devoted already two episodes on this subject. See for more information: part 1 and part 2.
In this third episode, we listen to among other things performances of various masters and also to rare recordings of old Jewish Iraqi musicians who immigrated to Israel in the fifties, like qanun player Yusif Za’rour and the singer Husqail Qassab.
– Maqam Hijaz Shaitani: Heskel Qassab 6.00
– Maqam Mansuri: Heskel Qassab (with Y Za’rour Qanun) 18:05
– Maqam Awj & Besta: Heskel Qassab 18.00
– Maqam Segah: Heskel Qassab 22:12
– Maqam Hijaz Diwan: Salim Shebbath 15:02
– Maqam Rast: Salim Shabbath 23:00
The recordings of Qassab and Shabbath are from the 1960s / early 70s and are with qanun master Yusuf Za’rour and Sasoun Abdou on the violin.

– Orfa Maqam, Yusuf Omar (one of the best recordings from the fifties i.a. accompanied by Jamil Bashir on violin) 6.00
– Maqam SHarqi Dukah & Besta Fraghom Bakani Hashem Al-Rajab (from the 50s, i.a. accompanied by Jamil Bashir) 9:04