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Orient Express

fri 21 oct 2016 19:00 

Traditional classical music from the China. In this hour, traditional instrumental music on various Chinese instruments.


1- Three compositions by LUI FANG on the pi’pa:

-Night Scene of Red River; -Moonlight in the Palace; -Melody from a Bamboo House.

CD. Philmultic, code: PMCD0013.


2- Three pieces in which the fiddle Erhu takes the lead:

-Pure White Hada Scarf; -Welcome Home Our Brother Soldier; -Miss Shepherdess, on the Erhu you hear Zhou Yu.

CD. ARC, code: EUCD1555.


3- Four compositions played on the zheng.

-Nursery rhyme; -Proud horses lift their hoeves; -Songs from my mother’s village; -Song for Feng Xian.

CD. Hugo, code: 7342.

4- A sea of flower; -Grand land; -Shandong dagu.

CD. Hugo, code: HRP-7142.

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