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fri 20 apr 2018 19:00 hrs

Classical Arabic music from Egypt in maqam Bayati.

Traditional Arabic classical music mainly from Egypt in maqam (modus) Bayati. We’ll listen to instrumental and vocal pieces in the old tradition of 19th century Egypt and Levant performed by the small traditional ensemble ( Takht) and vocals.

Bayati is a main modus in Middle Eastern music popular in both in classical as folk music.

For more info about the musical forms and the modus see here.

Link naar track 4:
Theater de Meervaart: ZIEL | ROUH – ICK & AAO

George Abiyad

  1. Gamme Bayati (Instrumental and improvisation) 7:16
    George Abiyad Taqasim Maqamat – 1994 Cd Voix de l’Orient CD 586
  2. Wasla (suite) Bayati : Samâi instrumental, improvisation violin, vocal improvisation( Layali), Muwashshah and qasida (Classical Arabic poem) Saleh Abdel Hay 1950s recording Sonocaire tape. 26:28
  3. Taqaseem Bayati, Ryadh Sunbati 4:53
    Riyad Al-Sunbati, Taqaseem Oud. SIDI 95SDCD01B03 .
  4. Araka Assi Addami, A Al-Hamouli (Qasida Classical Arabic poem) 06:11, Umm Kolthoum / Omme Kolsoum, La Diva Vol.5 1997. EMI 3109602
  5. Roddat Errouh, Mohamed Abdel Wahab 5:57
    Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Les Archives De La Musique Arabe vol. III 1928, 1990.
  6. Taqaseem (improvisation) Bayati 4:55
    Abraham Salman, Saltana , Nada productions, 1997

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