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fri 25 may 2018 19:00 

Ramadan Special Islamic religious vocal arts.

This special episode is dedicated to Islamic religious singing. A rich tradition often seen as the basis of classical vocal teaching (along with the art of Quran recitation) in the middle east. On Saturday night, The vocals are usually performed by a soloist, without musical accompaniment, but sometimes supported by a choir of a few men (called Betaana).
You will hear the voices of Hassan Haffar and Sabri Mudallal, greats in the rich tradition of Aleppo in Syria in a 1975 recording.

Hassan Haffar

The soloist in vocals is called munshid, often he has the title sheikh because of a basic religious education. You will hear some of the greatest munshids from Egypt in the golden age of this song, namely between the 30s and 80s of the last century: Ali Mahmoud, Taha Al-Fashni and Kamel el-Bahtimi. We close with a rare recording of an Egyptian female singer: Rawhia Abdel-khalik.

Sheikh Kamel Yousef El-Bahtimi

Here some live recordings:

and also here  and here .

The last part of the program we’ll listen to Sufi vocals from Aleppo(Syria), Turkey and Morocco sometimes with instrumental accompaniment, mainly by the ney. The ney is a Middle Eastern flute that is often used for its spiritual sound.


El-lotf el-khaffy, Mohamed Omran – M. Omran
label unknown
Qasida man mithlak – Muwashah 21:23, trad.
Hassan Haffar, Sabry Mudallal-Abdel Rauf Hallak
CD: Muezzins D’Alep / Chants Religieux De L’Islam Label: Ocora – C 580038
Nasiri prayer, trad. Eduardo Paniagua / Mohammed el-Arabi Serghini 5:59
CD: Cantos Místicos Devocionales de Al-andalus. Pneuma PN970
Sal ya akha el-badr 3: 8, Ali Mahmoud.
78 rpm record sonocary tape Ali Mahmoud collection
Ya Rasoul Allah Taha Al-Fashni Sonocaire
CD: Al-Fashny Qasaed we ibtahalat 2:57
Salat ala / nabi Taha Al-Fashny Sonocaire
CD: Al-Fashny Qasaed we ibtahalat 1:22
Rasula-nur badadht el-zalama: K. Yusif El-Bahtimi
Sonocary tape. 4:43
Nazra Ila wagh el-habib: Rawhia Abdel-Khaliq
label unknown. 6:09
Salawat. U. Batsh 1:24, Sabri Mudallal Chants sacres et profanes de Syrie 1994
Blue Silver CD 303
Ney Taksim, 2:33
Hakkin Habibinin 1:45, Yarkin. Featuring Sufi vocal masters.
2008 Kalan music CD.
Allah adini Zikredelim ewella: Hafiz Kemal 2:43. Hafız Kemal Bey – Hafız Kemal Bey.
2006 kalan music CD.
El-lotf el-khaffy, Mohammed Omran – Mohammed Omran
label unknown.


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